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One Day Crowns

One Day Crowns Dental crowns (or caps) are widely used in almost every dental practice on earth. Crowns are the most common of treatment for teeth that need to be protected against the biting and chewing forces, in order to protect them from fractures and breaking. The science and technology of crown making have evolved a great deal in the recent years. Until recently, patients had to wait

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More on Dental Implants

More on Dental Implants Poor dental hygiene, poor nutrition, dental diseases, and injuries are some of the factors that cause tooth loss. Tooth loss can be prevented if the cause is poor dental hygiene, nutrition, and diseases. Today people have become very busy -- too busy to perform the vital task of incorporating dental visits into their schedules. Dental visits have proven to contribute to the prevention of tooth

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Get Locked In On Dental Sealants

Get Locked In On Dental Sealants Every day our teeth are under attack from harmful bacteria, whether we’re aware of it or not. We all know that failing to defend our teeth and gums can lead to cavities or worse. However, some parts of our teeth are very hard to clean, which can make the battle against bacteria harder to win. First Dental knows how important it is

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Your Poor Lifestyle Choices Are Visible in Your Smile

Your Poor Lifestyle Choices Are Visible in Your Smile A smile reveals a lot about a person. The sentiment is often meant figuratively, but some do take it in the literal sense. An early survey has, in fact, shown that people perceive straight, white teeth as indicators of wealth, success, and attractiveness. While some view these as unfair assessments (teeth, after all, are naturally yellow due to dentin, and some

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