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Welcome to First Dental, a first-of-its-kind dental health clinic situated in Medford, Massachusetts. We are a full-service dental care provider that offers comprehensive solutions in general, preventive, and restorative dentistry.

Here at First Dental, we recognize the importance of dental care in our everyday lives. Something as simple as a smile can impact all our intimate, public, and business interactions. So it is important to always make a good first impression on people we meet. A cute, neat smile is something that pays off every time! It gives off an aura of attention to detail, plus it is a great confidence booster.

Our dental services are therefore customized to suit your unique needs. It doesn’t matter the type of dental issues you may have, and First Dental will put you in the hands of some of the best-trained dental experts in Medford, Massachusetts, and the business, for that matter. From regular cleanings and teeth whitening to orthodontic surgeries and family dentistry, all procedures necessary for your smile makeover are available at our dental clinic in Medford.

Help us to help you preserve and restore your No. 1 priced asset—Your SMILE! Book an appointment with us today.

Our Dental Services

Bonding Medford

We offer dental bonding services to repair small chips or cracks on your teeth, restoring them to their natural shape.

Crowns & Bridgework Medford

Come to us if you need replacements for large amounts of lost tooth structure and missing teeth. We have the right tools to give your teeth a new look.

Invisalign Medford

Do you need clear alignments for your crooked or disoriented teeth, our neat and painless Invisalign treatment gradually pulls your teeth to their rightful positions.

Dental Implants Medford

Get high-quality dental implants for the longest-lasting prosthetic tooth today.

Cosmetic and General Dentistry Medford

Come to us if you need replacements for large amounts of lost tooth structure and missing teeth. We have the right tools to give your teeth a new look.

Oral Cancer Screenings Medford

Your teeth and gums are susceptible to oral cancer. Go for our oral cancer screening to help detect disease at a curable stage.

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Therapy Medford

Our periodontal disease therapy would help guard against tooth loss.

Porcelain Veneers Medford

Porcelain Veneers help repair larger chips and cracks and are great for reshaping teeth.

Professional Teeth Cleanings Medford

Teeth cleaning helps to maintain all-round good oral health

Removable Dentures Medford

Go for our detachable dentures to help restore your beautiful smile.

Root Canal Treatment Medford

Root canal treatments help to save an infected tooth from decay

Sealants Medford

Great for infants and little children’s teeth to save them from decay.

Teeth Whitening Medford

Get your discolored teeth whitened again back to their natural glaze.

TMJ/TMD Treatment Medford

Our TMJ/TMD Treatment helps with chronic jaw pain.

Tooth Extractions Medford

Come to us for tooth extractions when your tooth is hopelessly damaged or decayed.

Dental Clinic Medford

About Us

First Dental is a full-service dental care clinic in Medford, Massachusetts. For over 14 years, we have been transforming the smiles of the good people of Medford through our comprehensive dental restoration solutions. We have formulated one of the best and most sought-after general, cosmetic, endodontic, periodontal, and pediatric oral care.

With the latest state-of-the-art technology on the arm, First Dental caters to your dental needs in a cozy, friendly, convenient, and client-focused environment. Our team is highly trained and skilled in their craft. From non-technical and technical to our dental professionals, everyone is equipped with the emotional intelligence to handle every client with the utmost care.

At First Dental, be sure of a customized solution privy to only the best in the industry. First Dental continues to open its door to people of all demographic, young and old. We stake our claim as your No. 1 dental care partner in Medford, MA.


Happy Patients with

Severe pains and headache was the highlight of the school year in 2021. I finally got my tooth filled up over the winter. My First Dental did a job, and I haven’t had any issues.

– Sandy, 36 (School Teacher)

Choosing My First Dental was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had a crooked dentition that always affected my self-esteem anytime I needed to socialize. With MFD’s Invisalign treatment, I got my teeth fixed. I smile more, and my confidence just got a turbo boost! Thanks to My First Dental.

– Derrick, 29 (Web Developer)

Happy Patients

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