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Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Avon, Medford & Somerville, MA

First Dental gives you more reasons to smile with our cosmetic tooth bonding services. This simple dental procedure improves tooth structure in just a visit or two.

What Is Bonding?

Dental bonding (also called “white-filling”) is a procedure that uses resin material to match the natural color of your teeth. As the name suggests, a resin is applied to the tooth and dried with a special ultraviolet light, bonding the resin with your natural enamel.

Dental Issues Corrected with Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is the go-to option for small dental imperfections. These include the following flaws:

  • Cracks. Bonding uses resin to fill the small cracks. Larger cracks will need more dental restoration work.
  • Chips. No need to hide your smile because of that small chip on your front teeth. Cosmetic bonding fills the chipped area.
  • Oddlyshaped teeth. Do you have misshapen teeth? We correct this issue by bonding the resin material to the ends or sides of your teeth.
  • Discoloration. The resin material also conceals teeth discoloration. Dentists will match the material to the shade of you white you want.
  • Exposed tooth rot. Gum line recession exposes tooth rot. We use cosmetic bonding to cover the exposed root and improve the tooth’s appearance.

How the Procedure Work

First, you schedule a consultation with our practice. Our dentists will help you choose the resin material color that closely matches your teeth.

Once you select the right shade, your dentist will roughen the tooth’s surface and apply a liquid conditioner, which helps the resin adhere. After preparation, they will apply the molded tooth-colored material on the tooth. An ultraviolet laser or light is used to harden the putty-like resin. Your dentist will further shape the bond to ensure it matches the tooth’s structure.

Cosmetic bonding procedures only take 30 minutes to an hour. If you are having two or more teeth done, our dentists may recommend more sessions.

A small chip shouldn’t keep you from smiling. Enhance your smile with dental bonding. Get in touch with us today to schedule an appointment or to learn how to care for your teeth.

Caring for Bonded Teeth

Bonded teeth should be brushed and flossed daily, and professionally cleaned at the dental office twice per year, just the same as the rest of your teeth. The most important thing to keep in mind about caring for your bonded tooth is that composite resin can absorb stain, just as natural teeth can. Therefore, you will want to avoid smoking, red wine, coffee and tea to the extent possible. Also, while composite can darken, it cannot be lightened. So if you are thinking about having your teeth whitened, it should be done before your tooth is bonded so that a composite shade can be selected to match the lighter color of your whitened teeth. If you whiten your teeth after bonding, the bonded tooth may not match all the rest. Finally, try not to bite your nails, hold writing implements in your mouth, or use your teeth in other ways that could put excessive force on the bonding material and chip it. With proper care, a bonded tooth should stay beautiful for 3 to 10 years.

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