How Inlays and Onlays Work

Have damaged teeth? Inlays and onlays can help to protect your damaged teeth by restoring their functionality and strength. Dr. Farshad Ghobbeh at First Dental, which has offices in Somerville, Avon and Medford, MA, offers a full range of dental services. Read on to find out how inlays and onlays work.

Dental Inlays Overview

An inlay is an indirect dental restoration consisting of a solid substance (such as composite resin, gold or porcelain) fitted to a cavity in a tooth and bonded into place. An inlay fills the space in between the rounded edges (cusps), at the center of the tooth’s surface. Most inlays are more durable than dental fillings. They are also less expensive than dental crowns.

Dental Onlays Overview

Dental onlays can be made from porcelain, composite resin, or gold. Dental onlays are the same as dental inlays, except that they cover one or more cusps or the entire chewing surfaces of the damaged teeth. Because of this extensive coverage, onlays are referred to as “partial crowns.” Since the materials and the process of bonding is the same as you find with dental inlays, the longevity of a dental onlay is equally as impressive.

The Use of Inlays and Onlays

When your dentist suggests you need an inlay or onlay, it is likely due to a damaged tooth. If the tooth damage is not severe enough for a dental crown, your dentist can treat it with an inlay or onlay. Some dentists choose to replace old fillings with inlays or onlays to save the teeth from further damage.

The Inlay and Onlay Procedure

During your first visit, your Somerville, Avon and Medford dentist will prepare your damaged tooth. An impression of the tooth will be taken and sent to a laboratory, where the restoration will be fabricated. Your dentist will place a temporary filling to preserve the tooth while the final restoration is being fabricated. During your second visit, the temporary filling is removed and your onlay or inlay is placed. Once fitted, the restoration is bonded onto the tooth and the margins are polished.

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